About the Dogcatcher Project

Adam Brickley & company want to determine the field of conservative candidates running against blue dogs and in blue states. For many of us, this is our second blog, but we all are determine to get the best possible candidates in Congress.

The purpose of the “Dogcatcher Project” is to get local level interest in races that that the Republican establishment has overlooked in blue dog areas. We want to draft the best possible candidates for various Senate and House races, however, we need your help to do it please email us tippingdogs@live.com if you are interested.

About the Author

ran Birchtree Sustainable Studios. He is internationally renowned for selling the "Recycle, Reuse, Rabbit" with the help of James Delingpole for a grand total of $7.50. In the meantime, he is busily blogging and trying to get onto Wall Street and run a mutual fund that would make Peter Lynch jealous.