Amity Shales & Feminism

We make a lot of arguments here based on rationality – but every now and then we need to think about the ground we’re trying to break with these draft movements. For instance, Amity Shlaes receiving the Senate seat of Kirsten Gillibrand would be a remarkable moment for women’s rights in this country – marking the first time that three consecutive women will have held the same Senate seat. That would be quite an a bit of progess since 1919, when the 19th amendment was passed. Of course, our friends at the National Organization of Women would “applaud” this development, but would refuse to openly embrace the woman who made it happen.

So, to preemptively counteract NOW’s future act of shameless hypocrisy, we at the Dogcatcher Project will celebrate prematurely by joining Stacy McCain in his infamous National Offend A Feminist Week. Sadly, the conservative members of NOW (if they exist) will not be allowed to embrace this accomplishment because Amity Shlaes is conservative and NOW…well…they’re only for women who agree with their talking points.

My challenge to feminists (and all women) throughout America is to celebrate when Amity Shlaes win the New York Senate seat.  No one should ever again suffer the fate of the Los Angeles Chapter of NOW when they endorsed Sarah Palin. They were immediately reprimanded by the California chair of NOW, Patty Bellasalma saying…”we will not be pushed back to the days of back-alley abortions, forced pregnancies and pay discriminations without remedy.” Can feminists applaud a strong conservative woman like Amity Shlaes?

Let’s see if they can applaud this historical accomplishment in November 2012 – we dare them.


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